Saturday, April 6, 2013

Need new ideas kik me

I need new ideals please help. Tell me what kinda captions you want to hear and send me pics my kik is glowsic

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dont go to Thailand looking for a easy lay. That what mike when there for the same reason. After roaming the streets it didnt take long to find a beautiful thai ladyboi. He wished that he could stay in Thailand and be with her forever. Instead of that now he had somehow switched bodies with her and well he has no choice to his new life. He didn't mind tho. After all why would be prefer shemales anyways.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 new caps tonight

I will be posting 5 new caps tonight after i get off work so ill be seeing all you tg lovers around 11

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The great shift fucked me

Look at me now. a second ago I was a 16 year old male. Head of the football team and dating half the cheer squad. Now im gross. I mean look at me. Im huge these tits are so big. I cant barely hold them. I haven't even ventured down below but i can feel myself getting wet. Why am i so turned on. All i can think about is getting penetrated. Wait no i got to control myself. Fuck i need a booty call. O god im changing mentally too.

I have to what

This isn't right at all. I cant do it but i have to. I had bought a hooker for a all night everything go and planed to just fuck and leave her with no pay. When i went to leave. Her pimp was waiting for me somehow knowing what i was plan. The pimp wasn't what i expected she was a witch. She started chanting some crazy gibberish at me. As i felt my body changing she said if i wasn't going to pay i was going to work. Now here i am with my first client. In my new line of work and my new life.

Mothers a pornstar

I had just got home from school and fighting with my mom like always. I hated school and told her how easy her like was. Then she started raging out on me saying that i had no idea what she did to support me. I was like whatever. I could do it and i wouldn't bitch. So here i am in my moms body. Who knew she was a porn star. I get paid for having sex and wearing sexy clothes. Wtf. Who would bitch. I hope she likes high school. Because im not going back